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The smartest way to manage hot leads

What is a micro lead?

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Our Story

Just like you, we needed to retain and capture more leads and increase ROI. Our unique one of a kind system increased our own business ventures revenues and ultimately we decided to share our one of a kind systems.

Our Vision

Get to the point already. Todays attention span is click, click, point. Putting you at the end of those clicks.


Knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. Applying a systematic technique, method or approach to solve a problem.

Who are we

How it works


Microleads often has a small amount of pages. What brands want to do with microleads is to minimize clutter and distraction so content is much more focused.


Targeting is a word that’s come up a few times thus far and that’s because it is foundational to microleads. It goes without saying then, that a good microlead has to be precise with its messaging and satisfy both the marketing intent of the brand and satisfy the user intent of the visitor capturing the lead. 

How it works
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